I am a designer, photographer, and maker. I use my breadth of experience to create dynamic and balanced designs that incorporate all elements cohesively. I thrive in environments where media can mix, where the walls between photography, interior design, web development, and branding can disappear. I believe that design is an empathetic art that seeks to find what people desire and to use the tools of design to bring these desires to life. 

milwaukee-based art director

      I have been working in the creative fields for eight years in various roles and media including Graphic Design, Web Development, Photography, and Videography. I have done work for agencies, individuals, and corporations including recognizable names such as: Neroli Spa and Salon, GE Healthcare, American Family Insurance, and Fyxation International Bicycles. I have always preferred to learn through experience, and learned much of what I know by working hands on with other professionals in the industry. I studied Photography and Graphic Design through an apprenticeship at Little Studio, and I studied HTML and JavaScript through an apprenticeship at IQ Foundry.
      I love collaboration and believe that understanding a client’s needs is the primary directive for a designer, regardless of media. My job is to take what someone wants and apply my experience and skills to create an eye-catching, well-thought-out piece that exceeds their needs and expectations. My broad experience allows me to better collaborate with other designers and integrate all forms of media more seamlessly than someone with only a design background. I know that flexibility and drive are valuable assets for any business; if you are looking for someone who can not only get the job done, but help out in many arenas and fields, I believe I am your guy.

         I live on Milwaukee's lower east side with my fiancee Sydney and our two cats. I have a passion for woodworking and spend a lot of my free time building furniture. My fiance is a children's author-illustrator and a pediatric occupational therapist. We spend our free time hiking, canoeing, travelling, and restoring thrift store furniture. I grew up moving around the country, never staying in one place for too long. After moving to Milwaukee with my family in 2009, it quickly became home. Sydney and I love Milwaukee and wish to see this city grow and become recognized for all it has to offer.

Want to collaborate? Looking to hire? Need help cleaning your car? Just want to grab a coffee and dish? Feel free to drop me a line via your preferred method. 

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Tyler Thorson Mayer

Milwaukee based Art Director

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